Viva is
in one place!

A play area, workshop, café, favorite dessert – it's all in one location! Whenever the little ones want to have fun or learn something new, and you want to take a short break – rest assured that Viva is the right choice.




Babysitting or limitless play? It's up to you to choose.



Whether you're taking the little ones with you or not, Viva is also a favorite location for desserts and coffee.

Birthday celebration

From catering to entertainers – everything is ready for your favorite day of the year. Call us!




About us

Viva has arrived in the Novi Beograd neighborhood, an indoor playroom and bar, a concept and area designed for parents and children who always want more: more fun, more learning, more inovations, and more quality time spent together. From organizing birthday and other celebrations to better organizing your workdays, we are here for everything you desire – drop by to meet us or simply book your reservation online.
In a space designed by the architectural studio Obe, you can expect aesthetics and comfort, as well as playfulness that stimulates the imagination. The visual identity of Viva, characterized by joyfulness, children's spontaneity, and creativity, was developed by Madlena Dašić – so, without revealing too much, we invite you to visit us and discover the rest for yourself. We are here every day!
And let's not forget, if love comes through the stomach, rest assured that you will feel greatly loved in our space – because the one and only Mandarina took care of all the savory and sweet desserts. 
See you at Viva, welcome to our place! 

And finally, meet our partners

Responsible for the most delicious desserts (for both younger and older kids) and all people who have a sweet tooth! The entire display case of fresh croissants, cookies, and snacks awaits you every day at Viva. We are proud of this tasty collaboration! 

While having fun at Viva, you can also do a good deed! Within our space, there is a corner where you can purchase designed items, and all proceeds from the sales will be donated to charity. 

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West 65 Mall, 1st floor Omladinskih brigada 86a Open every day from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

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